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    New Media & Digital Strategy

    The Intro to Media program focuses on new media, digital strategy and streaming radio with instruction from professionals and celebrities. CTP works with students to develop and promote a radio/video app for ios/android as a platform for their original content. Participants will be trained on similar audio production and software equipment used throughout the radio broadcasting industry gaining real-world experience on how to run a media company through the newly created app. They will also learn principles of marketing as they develop a strategy to build an audience increasing downloads and user interaction within their app. At the conclusion participants will have received a comprehensive overview of new media with the goal of sparking career, entrepreneurial, and continuing educational interest.

    Rooted in 21st Century Learning, CTP programing implements project based curriculums where information and technology resources are utilized in real world scenarios. Working with industry professional, students are given real tasks that highlight the skills, knowledge and expertise they must master to excel as entrepreneurs, students, employees, and human beings in our increasingly complex and technology-based society. These programs strive to ensure all students are independent thinkers and confident users of technology who can apply related strategies to problem-solve, collaborate, communicate and think critically about ideas; while pursuing personal interests.


    Students will use many forms of technology to access, understand, manage, interpret, evaluate, create information, and solve real world business problems. They also will be able to analyze information for content, relevancy, accuracy and be able to present that information in a variety of technology formats and platforms. We will consult with school faculty on which of the below areas are most important to the school’s graduation standards. Programs are designed to raise awareness and encourage positive growth in the below areas:

    Information & Technology Goals
    • Communicate information and ideas, conduct research, organize data, solve problems, and create original works;
    • Demonstrate responsible, legal and ethical use of social media and other technologies for business.
    • Use effective and efficient strategies to explore and use a wide range of information and technology resources to gain knowledge, deepen understanding, make informed decisions and solve problems for educational, career, and personal pursuits;
    • Apply information and technology in real world settings
    • Locate, evaluate, interpret and synthesize information from print and non-print sources; and
    • Use professional programs and applications to enhance learning, increase productivity and promote creativity.
    • Students will operate and use computers and other technologies as tools for productivity, problem-solving and learning across the content areas
    • Students will assess the effectiveness of their information and technology choices for problem-solving and communication.
    Math Goals
    • Raise student’s interest in math by showing real-world application of math in music and fashion
    • Challenge students to use math to solve real-world entrepreneurial and business problems
    • Create a math baseline of student’s proficiency, to tailor further programming Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial literacy goals
    • Knowing how to make appropriate personal economic choices
    • Understanding the role of the economy in society
    • Using entrepreneurial skills to enhance workplace productivity and career options
    Student Personal Development Goals
    • Improved attitudes towards school (decreased truancy and tardiness, self-reported positive views on school, learning/education, etc…)
    • Improved teamwork skills (CTP mentors’ observations of student participation in program group tasks, student self-reports of views toward collaboration, etc…)
    • Self-confidence/Self – efficacy (CTP mentors observations, student self-reports of feelings/emotions upon program completion, etc…)
    • Raise awareness to career and entrepreneurial options