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    Entrepreneurship Through Music & Fashion

    CTP’s Monetize A Contagious Idea Entrepreneurship/Business Incubator is an interdisciplinary project based learning program designed to engage students while displaying real world application to common core subject matter.  This program consists of in-class sessions, learning excursions, and specialized workshops led by industry professionals.  Participants design clothing or physical products, leverage technology to manufacture, market and promote them ultimately selling at wholesale, online, and in brick and mortar retail.  CTP curriculum teaches practical applications of math and technology, reinforces literacy, emphasizes social and emotional learning, and builds college pathways while promoting success after graduation.  CTP will collaborates with school Faculty to identify the key Common Core State Standards that need to be addressed to tailor the focal point of each program.

    • Enriched self-image & self-efficacy
    • Increased ability to positively self-express themselves creatively
    • Greater appreciation of humanities through exposure to Art & Music
    • Enhanced leadership, teamwork, and collaborative problem-solving skills
    • Heightened awareness of alternative career, educational, and entrepreneurial options
    • Education on technology used by industry professionals
    • Real world application to Common Core State Standards subject matter
    • Reinforced College and Career/Entrepreneurial alternative avenues
    • Improved Entrepreneurial & Financial Literacy
    • Insert something about writing & reading


    Participating students learn through hands-on projects requiring them to collaborate and “monetize a contagious idea” by creating merchandise and music inspired by their school spirit.  Real world application of in class learning is taught through the development of a tangible merchandising/clothing company by industry professionals.  Participants experience how entrepreneurs utilize math and other school subjects to solve everyday problems.  The student’s business will be powered by a content strategy that draws upon and promotes their reading and writing skills through marketing and business applications.  Alternative career paths within the fashion and music industries, as well as continuing education options that align with their aspirations and goals are highlighted.  Students build a webstore and then learn how to market and sell products on the school’s website using technology and social media.  They will develop a business that is sustainable using cross disciplinary collaboration of students and school and/or community resources including but not limited to the following:  Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production, Business, Orchestra/Band, Journalism, and Marketing.   

    Students learn first hand how to market and sell their newly created product on the webstore they design and at EbLens Clothing and Footwear (the largest Northeast Urban/Streetwear clothing retail chain), where they plan and execute a product release event.  The also learn career options within retail as well as transferable skill to run a store or related business.  Participants learn all the aspects that it takes to operate a merchandising or clothing company ranging from design and marketing concepts to the end-game of direct to consumer and business to business sales.  Key principles of branding, manufacturing options, an overview of the creative aspects, as well as the day to day of running a company while leveraging technology for growth.  CTP will show how entrepreneurs utilize math and other core subjects to solve everyday problems as well as teach entrepreneurial concepts highlighting alternative continuing education and career paths within the industry.  Members are paired with industry professionals as they will collectively design a product that reinforces an overall theme chosen by the students through a brainstorming session.  This theme will be the concept of the song and school anthem as well as the merchandise/clothing they manufacture.  Students will then learn direct to consumer and business to business sales through marketing and selling the newly created product on the webstore they design, locally in the school store, and at EbLens Clothing and Footwear where they will execute a product release event. 

    To reinforce literacy both the music and fashion components draw from a content strategy that flows through the students curated blog.  Participants will see practical application of their english curriculum in business by curating, researching and writing content snippets and longer form blog articles.  Sharing through social media students will learn how to spread and monetize their content while selling products through their media company. Blog writing techniques, SEO best practices, how to write detailed product descriptions and compelling marketing copy will be taught while students work on their own campaigns.

    Participating students will learn:
    • Real world application to technology, math, english (reading & writing)
    • The importance and process of team building
    • Strategies for design and creative brainstorming
    • Principles of branding and marketing concepts
    • Music production, manufacturing, product development and sourcing
    • Direct to consumer and business to business sales
    • Day to day details of running a company
    • How to leverage technology for growth
    • Effective use of social media for business
    • Merchandising, retail store planning/strategy, retail sales, wholesale vs retail