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    Is Dry Hair A Problem For You? Here Are Some Causes and Remedies…

    Is Dry Hair A Problem For You? Here Are Some Causes and Remedies…

    Don't you hate when you wake up in the morning to get ready and you have no idea what you want to do with your hair because it's so uncooperative… I go through that 6 out of the 7 days in the week. If your hair’s unmanageably rough, full of split ends and has a harsh texture, something’s wrong.


  • CHANGE IN WEATHER- Weather changing is always a problem...between the cold winter days that leave your hair SUPER dry and rough, to the humid summer days that poof up your hair, the weather just doesn't leave hair alone.
  • WASHING TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE- When you wash your hair excessively, you strip your scalp of all the natural oils that keep your hair healthy. When you don't wash your hair often, your natural oils build up and block the newer oils from surfacing.
  • EXCESSIVE HEAT STYLING- Using your curling iron or hair straightener all the time is also very bad. It burns your hair leaving it with split ends all over. I love straightening my hair. I do it probably every 2-3 days and when it's straightened, I always touch it up because it gets a little frizzy but it did my hair bad because now I'm stuck with split ends when I got my hair trimmed like 2 months ago.
  • GENETICS- Sometimes dry hair just runs in your family. Luckily and sadly, my family has oily hair...not So much that it's super shiny but enough to annoy you every now and then.


  • MILK- Pour some milk in a bowl and dip a cotton ball in the bowl. Then apply it on your scalp and wash after an hour.
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- My cousin used this because she wanted her hair to grow faster but this also helps strengthen your hair and make it look very healthy. It works multiple different ways.

  • By: Valerye Quintana

    ‘Tis the Season: Prom

    ‘Tis the Season: Prom

    Since middle school and probably earlier, we wait for that one moment where we can look like the princesses we always felt we were - before our weddings come our prom! Prom season is in full effect. Class of 2017 is definitely leaving their mark, and I would say that the years after are going to have a challenge on their hands trying to top them. I mean, have you seen how they're slaying?

    There’s so much to do to make this day special. You need the perfect dress, heels, makeup on fleek and your inches laid. All while making sure your date is looking just as glamorous as you. However, despite the normal agenda, you don't necessarily need a prom partner. There are many teens going with a group of friends or even arriving by their lonesome and they're having just as much fun! So, don't feel pressured to follow the wave - you'll be just fine either way.

    For those of you who can't be without your significant other or bestie on this night, not to worry! You may have the best experience of all: Promposal! Every year, couples go viral for their extreme prom proposals in front of random strangers at a mall or their peers at school helping them out. One of my favorites that I've seen in history is this young man...well..just take a look!

    That's right, red bottoms as a prom gift! For those of you who don't know, red bottoms are a very popular (and rather expensive) type of high heels. I'm sure this girl would've been thrilled to go with him either way, but this really puts the icing on the cake and it's definitely a moment to remember. What's a gift better than the perfect pair of heels?

    For some, dresses are overrated. Why wear a long, flowy gown when you can wear a glittery, glamorous jumpsuit instead! Can't picture it? Well, check this out!

    After being inspired by Kylie Jenner’s dress at the 2016 Met Gala, teenager Faith Thigpen went viral after wearing this jumpsuit designed by popular fashion designer Angel Brinks. She’s been posted by media outlets such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine. This $1,995 design has definitely made an impact. You go, girl!


    As if the glossy dresses weren’t enough, it seems as though a simple limo wasn’t either. They're soo early 2000’s! The cool kids are pulling up in Lamborghini's, BMW’s, you name it!

    Imagine walking into the venue and seeing this arrive: a crisp Lamborghini and a pink haired beauty. Seems like something out of a fairy tale! What's even better is the color coordination - the rose gold vibe and pink hair is definitely a look. By the looks of it, I would say it's time to start saving up now if I plan to look this Hollywood.

    All of this prom talk just makes me so much more excited for mine. On top of that, every year my expectations are exceeded. An experience of a lifetime, one that many don't get to experience at all! So, make sure you do what you think looks best. It's your time to shine!

    By Ty Epps

    Get In Touch With Your Skin

    Get In Touch With Your Skin

    Rose water spray, face masks, toners, cleansers-- any of these products sound familiar? Anyone with any form of social media has to have heard of at least one of these products and that's because the skin care game is thriving better than it ever has. Need to catch up or simply want to get started? Just grab your spin brush and keep reading!

    It's said that the idea of wanting to keep your skin healthy on the inside and glowing on the outside started way back...well, for just about as long as mankind itself has begun! This goes along with the evolution of makeup and wanting to impress the opposite sex or show that you're of higher status. The purpose may have changed but the goals are still the same.

    Stores like Ulta and Lush are gaining unbelievable status and have been over the last few years just because of the special products they sell. Ulta, for its simple but sensational cleansers and moisturizers and Lush for their colorful bath bombs. Of course, Instagram celebrities are endorsing these businesses and I honestly can't blame them!

    Although you may be eager (like me) to try new moisturizers and cleansers, it's important to remember that what works for some else may not work for you. It'll be very beneficial to find things that treat your skin with all of the nutrients and tenderness that it needs. Don't rush it! Just in case you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips:

    • Try to find exactly what type of skin you have. There are different products for oily skin, dry skin and even a combination of both.
    • Your eating and drinking habits have an effect on your skin. Try changing it up! Sometimes the things you put in your body can be harmful to your skin as the ingredients aren’t authentic or healthy.  
    • Always clean your makeup tools! Using the same old brushes can be damaging to your skin as dirt and filth just continue to pile up.
    • Constantly change your pillowcases and wash cloth. Those can also carry tons of dirt that you won’t even recognize. Sweat and makeup that hasn’t been removed properly can linger.

    Almost every day I see someone post something on social media about a new thing they're using on their skin and I just can't wait to see the results. I know I can't be the only one waiting for an update or for other users to tell about their experience with it. For example, I've been seeing quite a few people start to use Noxzema ($5) which is a deep cleansing cream. After seeing some of my favorite social media stars use it, I just couldn't resist.

    Other products I can't resist? Just check these out and I promise you won't be disappointed!


    Raw Shea Butter Facial Wash and Scrub ($10)

    Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub ($8)

    Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes ($8)

    African Black Soap ($6)

    Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion ($5)

    By: Ty Epps